Ralf (the relational algebra framework) creates SQL queries that are easy to refactor.

Ralf gives you an easy way to express queries—by using symbols, not strings literals. This lets you use your IDE and other tools to refactor, auto-complete, etc. Ralf’s queries produce SQL that can be handed to the JDBC API. No object-relational mapping, no complications!


Ralf is open-source software, available under the Academic Free License (AFL) version 3.0. The AFL is similar to the BSD and MIT/X11 licenses, but more explicit.

Planned features

  • Expresses queries symbolically
  • Translates queries to native SQL, with JDBC parameters
  • Partially optimizes queries
  • Targets multiple SQL dialects


  • Java


Ralf is still under initial development. It may not be usable at all yet!


None yet.

Source-code access

Ralf uses bzr for version-control. Public read access is available at:


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